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Behind Seedling Debut 

Jennifer Kinley

Hello there,
I'm Jennifer Kinley

I am the Founder & Prenatal Imaging Specialist with Seedling Debut Ultrasound. I’m a baby enthusiast. I love all things baby -- starting in the womb! I am blessed beyond measure: Married to Joe. Mommy to 5 kiddos. A passion for serving Mommas. Lover of babies. Worship Leader & Lover of Jesus. Commissioned to share beautiful Tiny Life Previews all for His Glory.


Seedling Debut was birthed from my own personal journey. Not all roads are easy strolls to becoming a Mom.


...Here’s a bit of my story

the history:

Seedling Debut Ultrasound has been on my heart for several years. After struggling with infertility, my husband and I became pregnant with twins through IVF. Considered high-risk, I received several ultrasounds (a sweet gift during my first pregnancy). When I became pregnant again, this time with only one baby, I was only able to have two ultrasounds: one confirmation of pregnancy and one anatomy scan. Clinic ultrasounds were all business: quick, routine, and hard to get often due to insurance. I found myself wanting to see more, to bond, and to connect. As we added more children to our crew, the bonding experience was strong on my heart. I desired for my children to know their siblings even before birth and for them to witness the incredible changes their siblings would make from week to week. Truly, these babies are miracles, and I knew that I wanted to give other families [like mine] more time with their little one(s) in utero.

the journey:

After long discussions with my husband, we put Seedling Debut on the back burner for two additional years due to issues with the 2020 pandemic; however, those “derailed plans” were prayerfully laid out on another path. Thank the Lord.

Jennifer Kinley Scanning

the outcome:

With extreme excitement and a whole lot of faith, we launched our beautiful Seedling Debut Ultrasound company with our mission to “bridge the gap for women & their pregnancy care”. We believe Seedling Debut shares life in such a beautiful way & we strive to share with anyone who wants to see!

the future:

Seedling Debut continues to support the well-being of Mommas throughout the motherhood journey: pre-pregnancy, prenatal, & postpartum.


Meet some of our favorite local businesses with a heart to serve Moms.


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